Ats Floral Pathways

ATS HomeKraft Floral Pathways is an affordable housing project. IT is 3 BHK Flats at located NH 24 Ghaziabad.


Getting or renting a commercial space asks for researching some factors. Concerning buyers, the basic ground-level research determines the purpose of getting a commercial area. Following that a suitable place needs to be chosen. Equally fair is for the renters. They are also to be prepared with some factors. The other factors to consider before getting a commercial space area:



An excellent commercial space must come with at least the factors discussed at the topmost part. One such place is Saya PiazzaLocated at sector 131, Noida Expressway, it was launched by Saya Homes. A great feature is that it puts forward Saya retail shops, restaurants, Saya 131 food courts, offices etch at a very budget-friendly price. It is located on the Noida Expressway, and it serves as a good stop. Also, the place is surrounded by an excellent residential neighborhood.

And to wrap it up, Saya 131  is undoubtedly an excellent place for buyers as well as for renters. 


1. To do research/survey on whether the purpose of getting the space in the first place will be beneficial and profitable in that area or not.

 It goes well for buyers and renters. The purpose should be well served, which should be made clear at first. Attracting profit demands that the space never is too far from the mainstream areas or locations. Again, some buyers prefer areas that are not even too close to the busiest locations. Else, the decorum of the space may get hampered. So in this context, it is also clear examining the neighborhood is also a must.


2. Accessibility of the area

People look out for locations where good transportation is available. Added places with a parking spot, public transport, security, and familiar surroundings are always in high demand. Buyers are ready to pay a reasonable sum for places where all the facilities are provided in hand.


3. Litigation cases should be clear.

Any litigation cases on the commercial space can distract buyers and put the renters in trouble. 


4. Look out for good tenants.

One point of advice for the renters is to seek good tenants; those who have good records have a reputation in the market. A good tenant will always increase the value of that commercial space.





The area of the Noida Expressway is growing in terms of businesses and varied opportunities. And with that, the area is experiencing heavy constructions to cater to the needs. Plus, the Noida Expressway serves as a significant linkage between developed cities such as Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi, to put in a nutshell. In short, we can say that the area is bustling with trade and business opportunities.

Such developmental works have paved the way for more and more commercial spaces to be constructed to suffice the increasing number of offices, commercial buildings, or hubs.